Throughout America’s history, we have faced and overcome many great challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. At Western Drug, we are taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. As part of these efforts, we wish to serve as a resource for you and your family as you navigate these trying times. It is our mission to help you maintain and improve your health and the health of our community here in Round Valley.

We would like to outline the core steps that can be taken to maintain our health during this pandemic. Maintaining and improving our health as individuals help maintain the health of our community as a whole. Strategies that will improve our wellbeing include the following:

  • Getting proper sleep. Our immune systems function at 100% only when we are well-rested. Research shows that we need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep nightly. It only takes a little missed sleep to have serious negative effects on our immunity. Think of being well-rested as the most powerful drug available to improve your immune function.
  • Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. The compounds found in colorful produce are important for our overall health and the maintenance of proper immune function. We should also strive to get adequate healthy proteins and limit sources of refined carbohydrates and sugary food and drinks. Putting the correct fuel into our bodies is critical for optimal health.
  • Getting adequate exercise. Moving our bodies every day helps maintain our overall wellbeing. We are blessed to live in an amazing place where getting outside, breathing fresh air, and getting proper sunlight is relatively easy. Get outside and move your body every day in whatever way is possible for you.
  • Reducing stress. Our immune systems get worn down by continuous levels of stress and leave us vulnerable to infection. Having to deal with its many disruptions, the pandemic adds to our already stressful lives, making it even more important that we focus on the stressors we face and develop strategies to address them. Just getting outside in nature has been shown to improve our mood and reduce our stress levels. Each individual can explore different ways of reducing stress and find what works for them.
  • Taking medications and/or supplements. Untreated medical conditions put you at greater risk of getting an infection and make it harder to fight one-off. If you have a major medical condition that requires medication, you must follow your treatment plan. Additionally, there is a variety of over the counter supplements available to improve immune function. Our pharmacists are ready to help you select products that are right for you and your family.

Our staff at Western Drug is here to assist you to achieve your wellness goals and develop strategies that help you address the above items. These are challenging times! We believe that together we will rise to meet the challenges that face us as a community, state, and nation. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you!

Your partner in wellness – All the staff here are Western Drug.