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With a store this big, Western Drug & General Store gets a lot of questions. Hopefully, we will answer yours below.

If you’re located in Springerville, AZ, stop by and see us! Contact us for more information about prescriptions, sporting goods, and everything we carry in stock!

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How big is Western Drug?

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Our current location is 18,000 square feet, packed with everything you need for medications, health, sports, and more.

Do you deliver prescriptions?

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Yes. Request delivery by calling us at 928-333-4321 or download our mobile app on Google Play or the Apple App Store to request refill and delivery with just one click!

What insurance plans do you accept?

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We accept most major insurances!

I have trouble remembering what pills I take when. Can you help?

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If you take multiple medications, we can place them in individual packets, organized by date and time. This is helpful for remembering what meds to take and is also very handy on-the-go.

What is going on in the community?

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As a well-known meeting place, we keep our finger on the pulse of the community. Check out our blog for the latest goings-on!

Where can I get a hunting license?

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Come on in and ask us — we provide both hunting and fishing licenses.

Where can I find up-to-date information about health news?

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Refer to RxWiki for health news, medication information, medication coupons, and more.

What seasonal gear do you carry?

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We carry everything from snow pants, hats, gloves, and mittens. In the warmer months, we have rain gear and an AMAZING selection of hats.

Can I buy a handgun if I don’t live here?

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Unfortunately, no. Federal law prohibits purchasing a handgun if you don’t live in Arizona. You can purchase a rifle or shotgun.

Do you carry kitten or puppy milk?

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Yes we do. We have a great pet selection for all of your 4-legged friends’ needs.

Do you carry K9 shots?

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Yes, they are located in the Pharmacy.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

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We sell both AZ Game and Fish and reservation permits.

Do you carry mouse traps?

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Absolutely! We have a good assortment.

Do you sell worms?

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Yes, located within the Sporting Goods Department.

Do you carry repellent and or netting for hats?

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We carry a wide assortment of repellent, netting, and hats.

Can I have a firearm sent to your store?

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Yes you can. You will need the store/website you purchased it from. To request a copy of our FFI, you can email our Sporting Goods Department at Once it gets to our store, you will need to fill out a Form 4473, have successfully passed your background check, and paid our transfer fee.
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